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Polk PAD5000.5 Super Efficient Class D Bridgable 5 Channel Mobile Audio Amplifier

Model #: Polk PAD5000.5 Super Efficient Class D Bridgable 5 Channel Mobile Audio Amplifier
UPC #: 747192121945


PA D5000.5PA D-Series Amplifiers
When install space is at a premium, but your sound system demands plenty of power to realize its full potential, Polk’s super- efficient D Series amplifiers are a very cool solution. All D Series amps offer an ultra-compact, minimalist design and come in 2-channel, 4- channel and monoblock configurations, as well as a big gun 5-channel beast that enables you to drive all your speakers and a subwoofer. Toroidal transformers help keep the amplifier’s sleek aluminum extruded design under 2 inches tall while ensuring plenty of clean, efficient power. Low THD’s, high signal- to-noise ratios rated at full power, plus wide bandwidths, make the PA D Amplifiers your high- performance choice for clean, distortion-free sound.

This is how you build a really cool amplifier
Every PA D Series amp uses a high-speed MOSFET switching power supply for fast response and high efficiency. Another plus, MOSFETs generate very little heat to keep your PA D amp nice and cool even when their bipolar output transistors are putting out max voltage and high current to your speakers or subwoofers.
Efficient circuit board design helps create a more compact amplifier Double layer printed circuit boards provide more rigidity and less shrinkage, with plated through-holes instead of jumpers, for twice the amount of component contact area. PA D amps are very compact, and their efficient layout houses more circuitry, with tighter component tolerances, onto a smaller circuit board, helping create a smaller overall footprint.
PA D amps come with plenty of protection We kno w how hard you like to play, so every PA D Series amp comes with Thermal, DC offset, reverse DC voltage and short circuit protection.
Anodized extruded-aluminum housings and stainless steel hardware
PA D Series amps are built tough with anodized, extruded aluminum covers and rugged end caps. Cooling fins along the Depth of each amplifier’s main housing ensure ample heat dissipation. The end caps also protect connectors, while stainless steel hardware is used throughout each D Series amp to provide years of corrosion free performance.
PA D Series amps are all about performance pure and simple An amplifier’s real story is told in its specifications. So choose your favorite D Series amp, and check out its specs. You’ll find gobs of performance and all the controls you need to tailor your system to your vehicle’s listening environment.

Sleek, Compact, Powerful
The PA D5000.5 is capable of bridging two full-range channels into a single full-range channel with higher output power. For instance, the front channels (FL and FR) when wired correctly will increase the output power from 70W per channel to 200W per channel (for a 4 ohm load). The same can be done for the rear channels (RL and RR). The most common configurations are four full-range channels and a subwoofer channel, or two bridged full-range channels and a subwoofer channel.

PA D5000.5 Features:
• Super-efficient class D design: runs much cooler than conventional amps.
• High-speed MOSFET switching: power supply with outputs stable into 2 ohm loads for full range channel speakers and 1 ohm loads for subwoofer channel.
• Protection- thermal, DC offset, reverse DC voltage and short circuit protection.
• Sub 1/Sub 2 Inputs- line level inputs for subwoofer signal from head unit.
• SUB/INT source switch- in the INT position, the amplifier will filter the bass frequencies from the full range signal and send them to the subwoofer amplifier channel.
• SUB sonic filter- attenuates the frequencies below the settings on the control.
• Remote bass level control- set gain to match output from head unit.
• Rear Full, HPF switch- selects between no filtering or a high pass filter to dial in your speakers' blending.
• Channel mode switch (4CH/ST)- in the ST position, the amplifier sends the same signal to the front and rear channels.
• Nickel-plated wire terminals & RCA connectors: ensure maximum signal transfer.
• Stainless steel hardware- Used throughout and will not corrode in humid environments.

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