Polk OWM5 Multi Application Speaker

Polk OWM5 Multi Application Speaker


Model #: Polk OWM5 Multi Application Speaker

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The World's Most Versatile LoudspeakerThe Ultimate in Versatility - Mount Almost Anywhere. The OWM Series is designed specifically to look good anywhere. Each one is a flat, elegantly curved trapezoid that weighs under 4 lbs. This shape, combined with a range of mounting options using built-in mounts, inserts, keyholes and versatile bases, gives you more mounting and installing options than any other speaker this size. Mount it vertically or horizontally, on its base or on the wall. In corners, on shelves, on stands. Articulated or stationery. We've counted at least NINE ways you can install this speaker in your array. (If you discover more, email us!)

The OWM Series features exclusive Polk technologies like next generation Capacitive Coupling Technology. It's an advanced signal-blocking technology that overcomes the usual limitations of small- enclosure loudspeakers (slim dynamics and no low frequency response). Proprietary CCT circuitry compensates for these limitations with lower impedance in the critical frequency ranges, extending dynamic range and enhancing deep bass response for clear, detailed musicality with little or no coloration (even in the unlikeliest of installation locations).The compact, lightweight, versatile OWM loudspeaker actually sounds like a speaker that's much larger and much heavier.

Mounting Options:
The OWM Series is timbre-matched to other Polk loudspeakers, so you can mix and match them to build or add to existing systems. Dynamic Balance composite cone drivers are lightweight and stiff, with excellent damping qualities, for high efficiency, excellent mid-bass and low distortion even at extreme volume levels. Patented Dynamic Balance materials technology tunes out cone resonances before they become a part of the finished product, so you only hear the

. Vertical wall mount
. Horizontal wall mount
. Vertical shelf mount
. Horizontal shelf mount
. Corner mount
. Horizontal corner mount
. Vertical 45? mount
. Vertical corner wall mount
. Use an optional articulating bracket (such as OmniMount 10.0 not included) for ceiling or swiveled wall use.


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