Definitive Technology VDBC Mythos GemStand - Black

Definitive Technology VDBC Mythos GemStand - Black


Model #: Definitive Technology VDBC Mythos GemStand - Black


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Definitive Technology UIW-RSS-III In-wall Bipolar Loudspeaker

. Bipolar arrays spread surround effects evenly over a broad area
. Two 3-1/2 inch cast basket drivers and two 3-1/2 inch pressure- coupled Low Bass radiators for high dynamic impact
. Integrated wood enclosure ensures consistent high performance every time
. Two 1 inch Pure aluminum dome tweeters
. Installs in either new or existing construction applications
. Available individually

Definitive Reference Architectural Speakers are perfect for bringing spectacular-sounding, high-performance "invisible" home theater systems into every room in your house. The Reference Surround Speaker III (RSS III) is intended for use as an in-ceiling or in-wall rear or side surround speaker in custom installed home theater systems of the highest quality.

The RSS III features a non- resonant sealed medite (a dense wood product) enclosure to deliver the tight, detailed bass and uncolored midrange of audiophile free-standing speakers in every installation. The performance of open back built-in speakers will vary depending on the nature of the wall/ceiling cavity behind the speaker. But Definitive Reference series speakers with integrated enclosures sound superb every time. Rotating dogleg clamps and beefy wood screws make the RSS III easy to install in either new or existing construction and provide secure, non- resonant mounting for ultimate audiophile performance free of vibrations and buzzes.

It features a curved angle bipolar array, which is perfect for movie and music surround use because it provides an ideal combination of direct sound for specificity and localization and ambient sound for enhanced spaciousness. The RSS III delivers uniquely enveloping surround performance totally immersing the listeners in a complete 360-degree soundstage. Walls seem to disappear and the listening room will be almost magically transformed into the location of the original sonic event. The curved aspect of the bipolar array further improves dispersion into the room. When installed in the ceiling, the direction in which the driver arrays face can be rotated 90 degrees in order to optimize the performance depending on the specific location of the speakers in relation to the seating area.

Each RSS III bipolar surround speaker contains two complete 3- way full-range systems each with a 3-1/2 inch cast-basket bass/midrange driver pressure coupled to a 3- 1/2 inch planar Bass Radiator and a 1" pure aluminum tweeter, for a total of 6 driver/radiators in each speaker. The RSS II's dynamic, spacious and uncolored sonic signature has been specifically engineered to blend perfectly with any of Definitive's loudspeakers whether freestanding, in-wall or in-ceiling for an amazing lifelike sonic experience.

Specificatio ns:
Driver Complement
Quantity 2
Diameter1" (2.54cm)
TypePure Aluminum Dome
Mid / Woofer
Quantity 2
Diameter3 1/2" (8.89cm)
Type High Definition Bass/Midrange Driver
Tweeter/Mid Array
TypeBipolar Configuration
Bass Radiator
Quantity 2
Diameter3 1/2" (8.89cm)
Type Planar Bass Radiator
Audio Inputs
Speaker Level 1 Pair (Heavy Duty Spring Loaded)
Maximum Sensitivity
1 watt @ 1 Meter90 dB
Total Frequency Response
Overall40 Hz - 30 kHz
Nominal Impedance
Compatible with 8 ohm
A/V Receiver Crossover SettingSmall (100 Hz)
Power Handling 10 - 200 watts per channel
Cut Out Dimensions
Height9 7/8" (25.08cm)
Width8 5/16" (21.11cm)
Mounting Depth3 7/8" (9.84cm)
Outer Flange
Height11" (27.94cm)
Width9 7/16" (23.97cm)
Orientation In Wall or In Ceiling
Cabinet Type
Speaker EnclosureSealed Medite
Product Weight
Out of Box 7.5 lbs
Accessories< /td>
Included AccessoriesWall Template; Paint Mask; Paintable Grill; Self Adhering Foam Gasket


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