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Harman Kardon Speakers

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Harman Kardon AVR 2600 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver

Model #: Harman Kardon AVR 2600 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver


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With features like four HDMI inputs with audio processing, Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing, all the latest Dolby and DTS audio modes plus our own Logic 7 processing, adjustable A/V Sync Delay and seven amplifier channels featuring our high-current ultrawide-bandwidth design, the AVR-2600 provides audio and video performance thats sure to satisfy even the most demanding audiophile. And for the rest of the family weve included multiroom audio capability, a connection for The Bridge III iPod/iPhone docking station and a full-color high-definition graphical on-screen interface that makes your system easier than ever to set up and operate. A seven-device preprogrammed remote puts all that performance and capability right at everyones fingertips.

From the Manufacturer

Harman Kardon AVR 2600 High Performance 7.1-Channel, iPhone-Compatible Home Theater Receiver with Dolby Volume

Designed to Entertain
For more than 50 years, Harman Kardon products have been engineered to deliver the ultimate listening experience. In 1954, Harman Kardon produced the worlds very first high-fidelity receiver, and the company has introduced many of the technologies associated with the world's best amplifiers. One example: high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier design, which is still in use. Today, Harman Kardon leads the industry in the pursuit of the finest audio and video quality, and its commitment to performance continues with advanced high-definition A/V receivers. Delivering a complete package of performance, design, flexibility and ease of use, Harman Kardon products are perfect for enjoying everything that today's high-definition digital content has to offer. So treat yourself to the ultimate at-home listening experience one that only a Harman Kardon system can provide.

The AVR 2600 incorporates the Harman Kardon's acclaimed, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier design

Make Your Movie Library Look and Sound Its Best
Harman Kardon receivers have earned worldwide accolades for their uncompromising sound quality, and the AVR 2600 builds upon this renowned heritage. It incorporates the brand's acclaimed, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier sections, which generate 65 watts for each of the receiver's seven channels. Whether it's the exciting sound of explosions from the latest movie or the detailed nuances of your favorite musical artist, the AVR 2600's amplifier delivers sound with uncompromised realism, dynamics and subtlety.

And what the AVR 2600 does for audio, it also does for video. You know that the latest Blu-ray Disc movie or high-definition broadcast is going to look great on your high-definition display, but what about everything else? The Harman Kardon AVR 2600 improves the look of standard-definition video with advanced Faroudja Torino processing, automatically upscaling lower-resolution sources to the 1080p HD standard. You can also independently configure your display settings and specify the optimal picture quality and aspect ratio for sources such as game consoles or your DVD collection.

When it comes to surround-sound decoding, the AVR 2600 has you covered. In addition to decoding the latest Blu-ray Disc and surround formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, the AVR 2600 also includes proprietary Logic 7 processing, which is capable of generating discrete 5.1-channel or 7.1-channel sound from traditional two-channel sources. There is even a MP3 Music Enhancer mode, which will bring new life to any compressed digital music.

Dolby Volume makes enjoying your system at the listening level you want easy

Set It and Forget It
Tired of constantly having to adjust the volume on your current A/V setup? Do loud commercials send you running for the remote control? Are you experiencing dramatic differences in system performance at lower volume levels? Harman Kardon and Dolby Laboratories have the solution. The Harman Kardon AVR 2600 is equipped with Dolby Volume, Dolby Laboratories' latest sound-processing technology. Set your preferred listening volume once, and the AVR 2600 will use Dolby Volume to maintain that same volume level across all of your content, no matter what source produces it. In addition, Dolby Volume on the AVR 2600 improves surround-sound performance at low listening levels. The AVR 2600 even allows you to customize the performance of Dolby Volume to match your listening preference.

The included EzSet/EQ microphone automatically calibrates and equalizes your AVR 2600. View larger

Fine-Tune Your System Like a Pro
There's an important difference between your home audio system and the systems that you hear in movie theaters and concert halls. Professional systems are precisely calibrated by audio technicians to deliver the best possible surround-sound experience. Harman Kardon's powerful EzSet/EQ system gives you all the tools you need to achieve professional sound calibration at home. This proprietary, automated room-equalization and system-calibration feature simplifies system setup and achieves optimal audio quality in any listening room. It automatically measures the frequency-response dips and peaks in the listening room with an advanced, omni-directional microphone and applies a precise, compensating equalization curve to achieve extraordinary sonic accuracy. Speaker-output levels and delay times are calibrated as well. The system sounds complicated, but using it couldn't be easier. Just connect the included microphone to your Harman Kardon AVR 2600 receiver and follow the on-screen instructions. With a few simple steps, the AVR 2600 will automatically adjust the sound to suit your exact room parameters.

Listen to What You Want, Where You Want
As any family will tell you, a two-zone entertainment system can be a real crowd pleaser. While the kids watch their favorite movie on the theater system in the den, for example, you can be out listening to your favorite CD on the deck or in the back yard. The AVR 2600 makes setting up a basic multi-room system easy. First, build a high-performance, 5.1-channel home theater around your video display. Then assign the two remaining channels to a second zone, wire an extra pair of speakers to a nearby room or outdoors, and you're done.

Playback audio and video from your iPod or iPhone with complete control by adding the optional Bridge III docking station. View larger

Spend More Quality Time With Your iPod or iPhone
Your iPod or iPhone isn't just a great way to take your favorite music and videos with you. It's also a great way to simplify the entertainment experience at home. Whether you have an iPod, or an iPhone, you'll definitely want to add the optional Bridge III iPod dock to your Harman Kardon AVR 2600. The Bridge III is a universal dock that connects with a single cable and lets you navigate your music and video libraries with high-resolution on-screen menus using the AVR-2600's remote control. Browse your iPod or iPhone the way you usually do, whether by artist, album or genre. Audio is played back in rich, room-filling detail that only a Harman Kardon audio system can deliver. The Bridge III can even play back the video from your device. HD videos from iTunes are played back in full high definition, while the AVR 2600 automatically upscales non-HD videos to the HD standard of 1080p by for the best picture possible. The Bridge III keeps your iPod or iPhone fully charged even when the receiver is powered off.

The AVR 2600 features advanced connectivity, simplified set-up and even future upgradibility. View larger

Taking the Complexity out of a Cineplex-Quality Home Theater
There's no denying that a typical home-theater system can be challenging to set up and use, but Harman Kardon receivers are far from typical. The AVR 2600 comes with the Quick-Start Guide, which that walks you through the color-coded connections that you'll need for even the most elaborate multichannel systems.

High definition on-screen displays makes setup and use easy.

With four HDMI connections for the latest high-definition sources and a host of additional possibilities, connecting the AVR 2600 to nearly any device is easy and straightforward. Once connected, you'll discover a Harman Kardon exclusive: a newly developed, high-definition, full-color on-screen menu system that utilizes both pictures and text to guide you in setting up a home-theater system and verifying that its components are connected and configured properly. The HD-resolution graphical interface uses alpha blending, a technique that allows the menus to be partially transparent and the video image to remain visible while you use the menus. The menu system also enables you to customize the name of each source as it appears on the AVR 2600's on-screen and front-panel displays. Complementing the interface's unmatched ease of use, the AVR 2600 includes a newly designed, backlit remote control with an intuitive, ergonomic design.

Adding to its appeal, the AVR 2600 features Harman Kardon's strikingly new, minimalist design. It is elegant and distinctive, with gracefully rounded corners, a gloss-black and dark-graphite lower panel, and soft-white illumination.

And if that isn't enough, the back-panel USB input for potential future software upgrades will enable you to enjoy the look and sound of your AVR 2600 for years to come.

What's in the Box
One high-performance AVR 2600 Audio/Video receiver, one remote control, one AM loop antenna, one FM co-axial antenna.

Product Description

For more than 50 years, Harman Kardon products have been engineered to deliver the ultimate listening experience. That tradition continues with Harman Kardon's new AVR 2600 home theater receiver. High performance starts with a high-current, ultra-wide amplifier design which delivers uncomprimised realism and dynamics from your all your music and movies, including today's latest high-definition sources like Blu-ray. Connect your Blu-ray player to the AVR 2600 and it will play back the high-resolution Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks with stunning detail. The AVR 2600 can even deliver an exciting 5.1 or 7.1 surround experience from sources that aren't in encoded in surround sound using proprietary Logic 7 processing. This includes an iPod or iPhone with the optional Bridge III dock for iPod.The AVR 2600 adds the latest sound processing technology from Dolby laboratories called Dolby Volume processing. Set your preferred volume once and Dolby Volume maintains that level across all your content no matter what source you happen to be listening. When it comes to video, the AVR 2600 sets the same performance standard that it does for audio. Using advanced Faroudja processing, video is upscaled to stunning 1080p resolution while display settings can be indpendently optimized by source for the best picture possible. Setting up and using the AVR 2600 couldn't be easier. A newly developed high-definition full-color on-screen menu system utilizes both pictures and text to guide you in setting up your home theater system while calibration and equalization is both easy and accurate with the included EzSet/EQ calibration system.


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