$499.95 (Each)

CSW100: Maximum Stealth Bass Don't be shackled to a floor-cluttering subwoofer box. The CSW100 gives you the freedom to hide your sub away and still achieve room-shaking bass. The CSW100 fits easily between standard joists in floors or ceilings, attaches securely, and reveals only a small grille, like an AC vent, through which it pumps smooth, musical bass. Use it inside an entertainment center or an equipment cabinet (26 1/4" L x 9" W x 13" D).

$799.95 (Each)

The CSW155 combines stealth convenience with incredible technology to rival the performance of many free-standing, floor-cluttering subwoofers. With one of the shallowest drivers ever engineered (a Polk Audio exclusive), this subwoofer produces air-moving, room-filling bass, while disappearing behind a camouflage "air conditioning return" vent. Deep and musical, it's professionally matched to other Polk Audio loudspeakers, allowing you to build the home theater of your dreams in new construction or even in existing walls (60" H x 14" W x 3 3/8" D).

$429.95 (Each)

More placement options than any other Subwoofer, It's compact, fires down or front, and goes wireless if you want it to. Put it in a corner, or inside a cabinet. No other Subwoofer gives you the placement flexibility of the smart, powerful DSWpro440wi. Because it can be wireless, it's the easiest way to add deep bass excitement to any system, including a compact speaker array or a sleek soundbar installation.

$429.95 (Each)

Wireless Hook Up with optional unit. So Compact, It Hides Itself With an 8" woofer and cabinet using less than a cubic foot, you can hide this bad boy just about anywhere. This subwoofer is perfect for bookshelf, satellite, sound bars and in-wall speakers not needing the higher output of the larger subwoofers

$539.95 (Subwoofer)

You will receive:1 Polk DSW PRO 550 wi 10" High Performance Subwoofer

$539.95 (Subwoofer)

You will receive:1 Polk DSW PRO 550 wi 10" High Performance Subwoofer

$539.95 (Each)

Wireless hook up with optional unit. 10" with the Heart of a 12" The middle weight subwoofer in the DSW PRO series- featuring 200 watts of continuous power powering a 10" woofer, DSW PRO 500 approaches the performance of the DSW PRO 600 at a lower price. It gives up nothing in terms of technology or features and is perfect for your home stereo system

$649.95 (Subwoofer)

You will receive:1 Polk DSW PRO 660 wi 12" High Performance Subwoofer

$649.95 (Subwoofer)

You will receive:1 Polk DSW PRO 660 wi 12" High Performance Subwoofer

$649.95 (Each)

Wireless hook up with optional unit. The most powerful in the DSW PRO lineup- 500 watts of continuous power (1000 peak) and a 12" woofer. With all the features and technology packed into this box means this subwoofer is a great addition to any sound system. If you're looking to take your system to the next level, use two (or more!) subwoofers.

$299.95 (Each)

Both the look of and technology behind today's flat panel HDTV-based home theaters focuses on components with a small footprint that leave your viewing area clean and spacious. Because of its modest size and powerful bass output, Polk's RM Series PSW111 subwoofer is the perfect match for Polk's flat-panel optimized loudspeakers, such as the SurroundBar and RM Series loudspeakers.

$349.95 (Each)

Authorized Dealer. Free Shipping.150-watt RMS amplifier 12" front-firing driver frequency response 32- 225 Hz

$284.99 (Each)

Dollar for dollar there is no more economical way to add real drama and impact to your TV sound than with a subwoofer. It fills in the bass effects that your TV speakers cannot come close to reproducing. And for Polk Audio high performance and compact wireless convenience, the PSWi225 is the logical choice.

$499.95 (Each)

CSW Series Built-in Subwoofers are remotely controlled by the SWA500 Amplifier (sold separately), which fits conveniently into any equipment rack, so the subwoofers can be tweaked for optimum performance quickly and easily. Plug-in SPEX data cards for each CSW Subwoofer model are included, and automatically download preprogrammed equalization, infrasonic filter characteristics and power-output best matched to your subwoofer. The SWA500 also allows for custom optimization to build on these basic elements and ensure the best performance in your space. The SWA500 Amplifier is a BASH amplifier, combining the fidelity of conventional Class A/B amplifiers with the efficiency of Class D amplifiers. It achieves high power (500 Watts continuous into 4 Ohms!) and cool, reliable operation for epic bass with precise definition and low distortion.


You will receive: 1 Polk CSW 155 In-Wall Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk DSW-Pro-660-wi Pro 660 12inch High Performance Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk DSWPro440wi 8inch High Performance Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk DSWPro550wi 10inch High Performance Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk PSW-10 100W Powered Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk PSW-110 10inch Freestanding Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk PSW-111 8inch 300W Compact Powered Subwoofer


You will receive: 1 Polk PSW-125 12inch 300W Subwoofer